Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This and that.......

I am listening to The Story podcast and cleaning up a cluttered desktop of files from things that I have been doing- along with production on the August issue of Young at Heart. I love the diversity of my job, especially writing stories or taking my photos and weaving them around an article on road tripping in the area. This month I wrote an article about going to Crater Lake, researching it was interesting and informative and I got to reminisce about a funny camping trip at Crater lake a few summers back with Dave and the dogs, and yes that would be Maggie and BuBu.
This past months' issue on the river enabled me to use my Applegate picture that I posted a while back, on the cover.
Been uploading some books that I have collected at garage sales and thriftshops and selling them on Amazon, its an easy process, and I have been doing it since I broke my wrist in 06 and started selling off my CD collection of three hundred plus cds, now all in my iTunes library and occupying a fraction of the space.
At times there are no photos of the book and this was the case of one I was posting called Grace and Favour, so i took a picture of the beautiful inside picture of the Duchess and added it, Amazon makes this very easy too. Also posted - a very cool art catalogue from a Lichtenstein ceramics show that is an out of print item i bought for 50 and is selling for nearly a hundred dollars used on Amazon.
I'm also getting together digital photos of the art I did quite a few years ago, this is a drawing I did on the Avocado farm in Escondido after hitchhiking cross country in 1977, after my camera broke, but thats another blog post or maybe a to be continued...
Stay tuned, stay cool in this heat.
Thanks for reading, i think.

well duh....

this just in, from my home state....
" Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, a Republican recently turned Democrat, said Sotomayor's much-maligned comment reflected a woman standing up for women and someone exhibiting ethnic pride. "I didn't find fault with 'wise Latina woman,' I found it commendable," he said.

I am hoping she sails through the rest of the approval process, I see a joyous swearing in ahead for Democrats, Latinos, WOMEN, and Liberals taking a second ride of pride for things moving forward in a positive and balanced political spin.
Here in paradise we are breaking records heat wise, seriously hot and demotivating upon impact. And thats what it feels like, a wall of heat..we have considered exiting back to the coast but the reality is I am on a good wave of production on the August issue, since the deadline was pushed back a week.
Its all about being inside and hitting the AC button in the afternoon.
Ruthie is in San Francisco sailing and I am watching her cat, Mia.
Who never comes out from under the bed. Here is a photo of her taken by Ruthie on one of Mias' good days.
Ruthie has taken some fantastic photos with her iPhone and put together a website called Summering in Southern Oregon. linked here.
I must confess, Ms Mia, I have those days too......

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beating the heat

Back from a too short trip to the Chetco this week, mainly because I am supposed to be on deadline, but as has been the case of late there is a question as to wheter the paper will be printed on time or if I will be paid for my time.... three weeks behind I don't know where to draw the line. It is a job, and I am enjoying the work I do but scheesh, bills pile up and I wonder if continuing to invest my time in this job or finding another is the way to go.
Triple digits and the grass looks parched.
This is what I eek through the winter for...

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Chetco ahead...

Triple digits have crept into the valley and while we are barely cracking the 100 mark, areas of the southwest are in the 108-110 range, the mere thought makes me wilt. Its fortunate we cool down at night here and the saving grace is a window fan and closing up the house in the day, the brick house is also a bonus, keeping the place cool through the late afternoon when during these heatwaves around 5, I have to breakdown and hit the AC button.
Finally got paid from last months issue and starting the August Young at Heart today.
Today Julie lands back in Oregon, for a friends wedding. We haven't seen her since she left in 2001 and it was at a farewell dinner at her house that Dave and I met. We are looking forward to meeting her and Dwight at the coast in a few days. They have rented a cabin at Loebs for two nights and we are pitching a tent on the Chetco, just down the road. Oh boy, sun and fun ahead.
This past week, a too short visit and BBQ with Paul and Jamie and friends, Ruthie returned from a week in San Francisco and today we headed to Jacksonville, one of the sweetest towns in the area, to lunch and afterwards connect with a line sitter for a Britt concert on Thursday night. We took a drive up on Sterling Creek Road, one of my favorite roads with sweeping vistas (see photo above) and suprisingly, we ended up in Ruch, completely the opposite direction I expected to pop out in. Following a garage sale sign we landed at the home of Misty Stone were we spent at least an hour chatting and delightfully discovering she is an amazing illustrator. She showed us their private swimming hole on the Applegate River, and invited us back anytime to swim. Incredibly beautiful, Ruthie took this picture with her iPhone.
We all exchanged cards and hope to connect with her artistically in the near future. All in all a delightful day, and now I better start pulling out the camping gear, I'm so excited about meeting up with old friends and sharing a special place.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seizing the Moment

Its hard to keep track of the amount of guests visiting this summer Deb, Hope, Geoff, the Pies and of course, RuthAnn moving in for the summer months to my downstairs studio rental, which she has totally transformed with her furniture and artwork, not to mention exzuberant spirit.
Last week Martina and Dylan, now 8 years old, came up for a numbingly short visit. Include a scheduled vet appointment in Eagle Point -always a day trip due to the 45 minute drive and assorted activities normally included, Costco, any yard sale along the way, and a primo spot along the river to stop, walk the dogs and watch the river flow, and I barely saw them.
Dylan bonded with Maggie and she with her as you can see in this sweet picture above taken of the two of them and the circle of love, her hand on her head, her paw on her chest. Martina, Ruthie and Dylan did a number of fun things and one of their creative accomplishments was creating a video of Maggie and Rowdy, shot the day before he went to live on Genevieves' farm, it can be viewed at the website Ruthie set up entitled Summertime in Grants Pass
I decided to try and place Rowdy, after six weeks, it was apparent that they were not bonded, but in fact, she was bullying him and simply put, he just wasn't getting the love he deserved for the cool dog he was. Two days after posting him on Craigslist I got two emails, both elderly individuals that had recently lost their dogs and Rowdy was placed with a sweet and charming 70ish French woman on a 5 acre farm outside Medford. It was quite the drive there, he was a totally different personality than when I rescued him up in Lebanon, Oregon the beginning of June... and I believe it was a good decision.
I watched him walk into the house with her, never looked back, Maggie didn't register any separation anxiety either.
The dynamic is better around the house, and with Dave and Pepper around a lot of the time, two dogs are plenty to handle!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Music on the Applegate

I am logged in and waiting on this weeks online illustrator class to start, hard to believe its been a week since last weeks class. Presented by Creative Techs in Seattle its an interesting update and tutorial for two hours on CS4.
Here is the link to log on.
They have a number of excellent classes and a schedule on their website, www.creativetechs.com/training

Last Wednesday evening we headed out to see the Rogue Suspects at the Applegate Inn. Also wanted to show Ruthie another one of the more wonderful venues to enjoy music on a summer night. It turned out the music was instead two very talented musicians, one on guitar, one on sax.
We arrived at the Applegate River Lodge as the owner, Joanna, and Mr Kim, her PR man were finishing up a photoshoot outside. I mentioned that I worked for Young at Heart publication and was there to snap a picture for the article I was writing, about driving through the Applegate Valley via 238.

We were graciously given the tour of all the wonderful rooms, and then retired to the deck for some wine and music.
It was a great night in a special place, once again, on the river.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th

The weathers been hot and sunny and after wrapping the July issue of the paper last Friday, I spent some time in and on the river, a necessity when its triple digits in Southern Oregon. Dave inflated my little kayak thats been packed away for a summer or two, and repaired another inflatable bought a few summers back that needed some TLC. Saturday and Sunday we went by Joans and Bills stretch of the Applegate with Ruthie, who is up for the summer. The July 4th holiday weekend was a delight, made a pie, scored some tiles at a garage sale to finish the kitchen backsplash, shopped the Growers Market, picked rasberries at Daves, paddled around in the Applegate and grilled salmon and zucchini.
I have been really enjoying the CREATIVE TECH online classes I have been taking for the past 7 weeks, InDesign, Illustrator and soon Flash is coming up. Even though I have been using these programs for years, the tricks and tips alone are worth the time and I'm learning new ways to use old tools. Its such a reason to upgrade to CS4 as well, since that is the Creative Suite version they are covering each week.
I just downloaded an animation software 30 day trial called Lightbox 3d I'm about to check out and see how it can be applied to the Mokie redo planned for his 10 year anniversary.
Company coming tomorrow, Martina and Dylan, looking forward to seeing some dear friends and the weather is cooling off significantly which makes it all the better.