Tuesday, August 19, 2008

State of the Art, state of the mind

These days I have been working with L&A, a local clip art company that I found responding to a Craigslist ad for an in house illustrator. Ashland is an hour drive from my house so they put me on a freelance contract 5 months ago, and I have been working on art for their online menu site as well as faith art. The pay is poor but the assignments have been fun and keeping me in a place of creative bliss.
These days I have been working on simple decorative boxes. Three down and prolly four to go, but I thought I would post one I added some type to this morning.
My mental state is so often connected to the challenges and jobs keeping me working and eating. Never in the twenty plus years of being a working illustrator have I been so challenged by making a living. Granted I used to do direct mail, advertise in trade publications, but I even if I had the money to do that, I question wheter there are the freelance assignments out there to justify it.
On a significant decline over the past few years has been the income generated through my 900 plus stock archive that until a few months ago was sold through Stockart.com. I'm trying to decide what to do with my archive, a download from my website, or upload it on iStock...
Good thing I don't have to figure it all out today.
Just for today, one more simple box, ...and no more whining.
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