Saturday, January 31, 2009

Point, shoot, uhhh decide

A is for ANGEL
I'm starting the alphabet photographic challenge, forwarding across the pond todays photo of something that starts with the letter A. Seems like a creative and crafty framework for shooting a photograph. Good thing I just checked on the time zone difference because it appears that at 11PM there, its 3Pm here. That means that those of us on the west coast need to shoot off our submissions for tommorrow before 4PM today. Click here for the current post of submissions from everyone posted on his blog.
Since the funkadelic weather coupled with my achy breaky toothache has me mainly indoors these days, and and theres plenty of material around the ranch, I decided to just shoot what I got around here. In fact between the house and my barn theres prolly enough material for three or four rounds of this. I really have difficulty at times with making decisions. Acorns or angels, staged or simple. Scheesh, at the very least it will pull me through the month of February, and be so interesting to see the various submissions. One or three of my friends have signed on too, fun fun fun.
I'll use my blog here to post each days snaps, question my submission decisions, try to add some relevant dialogue and not get too carried away.
The angel above was hand carved and purchased from an artisan in Sante Fe, New Mexico about 7 years ago.
I remember he had a pillow case filled with these beauties, and I paid him 10 dollars for it. I love the way he left her skirt uncarved. I collect angel stuff and these are two of the three that hang over my bed.


Leah Fry said...

Bravo yourself! I LOVE the photos.

I decided not to commit to it. In addition to working full time, and taking care of home and critters, I have two active blogs of my own and contribute regularly to 2 group blogs. That's gotta be enough for me for right now. Don't need any more excuses to sit in front of my computer than I already am. Balance, you know.

You don't have to do the 25 Random Things, but I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Delphine said...

Hi! I am doing the Alphabet challenge as well. Mine was Amen, like you decided in a rush, however I think my effort for tomorrow 'B' will be better! i live in France, so am on the same time frame as Charlie, which makes life easier. I have two blogs,better go get posting..... good luck Delphine