Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple Abundance

I've been trying to find a way to use this photo I took a few weeks ago, when the last thing I wanted to do on that beautiful sunny day was a run with Dave to get kindling. Every year he makes a trip out to 'the Kindling Farm' and stocks up for the winter. I have never done the drive and only heard about the place for years. Still, nothing prepared me for the view, massively surrounded by wood bits at least a few acres wide, with some piles stacked up a good ten feet. The rub is to load the pickup with as much as we could jam in the back. Its ten dollars for a load and if you carefully lay them in- as opposed to throwing them wily nilly its a giant mess of wood, and a lot of bending over. Right now I am reaping the rewards of that day as my fire started this morning with ease and my front porch is jammed with enough fire starting material to last the winter.


Martina Konietzny M.F.A. said...

Rose, what a deal. Here I just ordered two little bags at $ 3.00 each.

The photo is awesome.

Love you forever.


Martina Konietzny M.F.A. said...

Oh, yes and Happy Birthday, that's why I called yesterday but forgot to mention it-just as you requested.

Kisses Martina

Mano said...


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