Sunday, January 31, 2010

Show and Tell

Much of what has occupied my time these days, both mundane and work related has quietly conspired to keep me from my blogging desires. Darla, my client at The Train Depot Restaurant needed someone at the last minute for First Friday art night and I committed to create some eclectic Valentine Collages, and the more I work on them the more eclectic they get. I will start hanging the ones I have done so far tomorrow evening and be working on more until the opening reception this Friday the 5th. Live music will be happening and some awesome food is always cooking.
Other bitties, last week Ms Kitty got fixed after one week of her first heat and I won't even mention some of the slutty behavior going on around here at the Kinky Dog and Kitty show. A big thank you to the JoCo Spay and Neuter Fund for helping me out with the expenses, I will be doing some graphics in return and looking forward to giving more than I got. That is how it works...
That's all for now folks. Hope to see you this Friday night!


Leah Fry said...

It will still take a long time for Ms. Kitty to settle down, but it will happen. Keep telling yourself that.

Love the collage.

Ruth said...

That hanger is adorable, and wouldn't I love to come to this opening. Nothing better than food and drinks and all that.

I came over to thank you for stopping by synch and the Rosa Parks post, so kind of you. And I see you are from the beloved place where I spent one semester in college! I lived up the mountain from Ashland in the fall semester of 1976. Oh how I loved going into Ashland to a Shakespeare show or craft store. All those hippie families!