Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hot as Hell...

The heat the heat, OMG, I guess this is the reality if you live anywhere but here, the Pacific Northwest. We have some of the most amazing weather. Well, the winters are gray and rainy a bit more than I would like, but no humidity like when I lived back on the East coast and even when its hot during the day it always seems to cool down at night enough to pull it in with fans in the morning, close the house up and chill inside during the day. Since I work at home, inside during the day is a factor, like health benefits, which I don't provide, and exceptional places to lunch, which for me revolves around my fridge and Albertsons 10 miles from my so called home office.
The past week has been triple digits, the most heat I have experienced since moving here thirteen years ago. Thank God its supposed to be the last day of this heat wave, today. But thunder and lightning are starting and with it the threat of sparking fires.
A good time to turn off the computer.

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