Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Planet Cornball

Opening Sundays performance was a theatrical and musical revue called "Oregon, Oregon" celebrating the states' 150 year anniversary and included the US Army band. Totally planet cornball, but the talent was impressive and the musical numbers amusing.... all the patriotic songs, guns and mini cannon, I would have gladly traded for another shot of Pink Martini at the end of the show. My oh my. Pink Martini was all it was cracked up to be and more. We had a fabulous time and were once again front and center on the lawn. One can never get enough of China Forbes voice and stunning looks.

Tonite we are off to see Chris Isaak, I worked his concert two years ago, but my friend Claudia had come in town for an overnighter before a planned rafting trip down the lower Rogue, and being it was was my limited window to see her, I worked my Britt shift selling raffle tickets, watched him open, perform two songs, and left wishing I didn't have to. Should be a stellar show, I remember seeing him in San Francisco in the late 70's when he had started playing with a friends' boyfriend in a band called Silvertone, Gail did their posters. He has come a long way, and I seriously doubt Jimmy is still playing with him. Got a line sitter in line as i type, but doubtful we will get close, there were line sitters getting in line Sunday evening for tonites performance.
I'm currently working on the September issue of Young at Heart, long days and hoping to make my deadline. It was so much easier, organized and content better a few months ago before everything got cut including my production help and my compensation to less than half. My focus is on getting this issue out, and exhaling.
But tonite we rock and roll!!!!!

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So how was the concert?