Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seasonal Whiplash

Hard to believe we are creeping into September with 9/11 this Friday. We will be observing the 8yr anniversary of it at a Spearhead concert. Our fourth consecutive year in a row they have been at Britt- but the fact that it is on 9/11 this year makes it uniquely significant. A fact that I'm sure will not be lost on Michael Franti, it should be the concert of the summer and I am pumped.
I'm not working the Britt this year as a volunteer, not working the hospital surgery desk either, all due to the unpredictability of the production schedule for Young at Heart. Between the paper, a steady flow of company and the usual whiplash of summer days, suddenly we are full on into Indian summer.
We had a fun time in Jacksonville this past week, a fantastic Chris Isaak concert with great seats right in front of the stage, totally exceeded my expectations, at the end of the concert I worked my way up to the front of the stage to snap some pics and as they were taking a bow, I gave them back the SNL Garth bow and the drummer smiled and extended me his drum sticks and Chris flipped me a guitar pic.
Then there was Alisons' fantastic moving sale, a satisfying latte at The Good Bean and walking the dogs around Jacksonville. Simple pleasures, awesome treasures.

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