Friday, March 12, 2010

Driving Rain and Good Intentions

"The Road to hell is paved with good intentions"
Outside the wind is howling and the tops of the fir trees are blowing around with the kind of ferocity that coupled with the wild driving rain and overly saturated earth can bring these beauties crashing to the ground. A few years ago that is exactly what happened. A giant evergreen fell, breaking fifteen feet up the trunk. Had it come out of the ground like the other giant did two days later, by the roots, it would have been an unwanted guest in my kitchen and an insurance claim.
It was providence or something similar that Dave was working on re-roofing the fiberglass patio inches from its landing spot when I walked outside and asked him to help me carry a mattress into the house for my Brother who was arriving the next day from the East Coast. Walking back from the barn we heard a gigantic groan and looked up to actually witness the massive beast fall with a thundering aftershock, the top just grazing the roof of my house. Amazing grace on multiple levels, Mark arrived 24 hours later and fired up Mr. Chain Saw, my renter had all the firewood needed to stay warm for the next few months, and no collateral damage other than my worry meter needle shattered the glass ceiling and is still hovering overhead on mornings like this.

In other unrelated news just read, Carl Rove is releasing a memoir this week, Courage and Consequence, in which he has defended President Bush, saying that history would look favourably on the president's two terms. At times referred to as W's brain, he has even come out today and said he is proud of waterboarding suspected terrorists. His attempt to put a positive spin on torture is only surpassed by his defense of other atrocious actions including going to war despite the lack of weapons of mass destruction, a move whose consequence has contributed to pushing our national debt out of control and resulted in the financial mess the country is in, and yet he described the achievements of the Bush administration as "impressive, durable and significant". I think that I will stop here on this soapbox, politics are not a topic I feel the need to cover in my blog unless it means I can use one of my very favorite cartoons turning yellow on my fridge. And yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Along with the rain, the daffodils blooming and daylight savings two days away, I'm wishing you all a good weekend.


Leah Fry said...

I try not to discuss politics EVER. It's all spin.

Ruth said...

Thank goodness there were no injuries to you or your property. We had a tree split in a wind storm a couple years ago, and we had the same good fortune with six or so visiting male family members. They chainsawed it up in a couple of hours, and we had wood for most of the winter.

Yes, let's let Cheney just believe what he wants, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I meant to read your post earlier but as is usual with me didnt manage to get around to it sooner.

Impressive, durable and significant are I think quite perfect words regarding the Bush Admin. Impressivly stupid, durable in the sense that a pointless war still drags on and significant in that their economic policies caused one of the most significant economic fiascos since the 1930's.

And thanks for the weekend good wishes.