Monday, October 13, 2008

No pain no gain

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...

Sometimes I feel like, is it all worth it?
...the initiative and effort it takes to be a self supporting artist in todays' economy and creative world, where imagination and passion come with a huge price.
Recently two new assignments came in that renewed my desire to get past the limitations and challenges, out of the ditch I was in, and back on the road. Hi ho hi ho.
It just feels fantastic to be working on something that makes me aware of how important it is in my life to be designing and illustrating- and what is missing when its not there like its sometimes been lately.
Appreciation and fair compensation are the icing on the cake.
I've been working with Ruth Ann Barrett who has been developing a business plan over the past month involving creating an online presence and branding called The Whole Brand. Her strategic marketing has been an effective business tool and I feel so fortunate to be working with her on this project. This weekend I finished her logo art and banner art-

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