Friday, February 6, 2009


G is for GOAT
Heres Joans' remaining goat, gentle Ben, he is so sweet, loves his head rubbed, and loves dog cookies. When I go into the fenced area to drop my food scraps I've brought over for the chickens, he'll come right up next to me and I'll feel this warm breath blowing in my ear. Like hes trying to tell me something....cooookieeees.........
He's incredibly socialized, as are all her animals- Joan does this bonding thing when they are born, I have to ask her, theres a name for it I can't remember.
Everyone is like family, all her creatures, great and small.


Leah Fry said...

Imprinting, I believe. It's where you have them bond to you rather than/along with
their mother.

Poco used to have a goat as his buddy.

CSouthwell said...
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CSouthwell said...

You should have fed it a hat.

I love photos of such frivolity.