Friday, February 13, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

Lately I have been reminiscing about the good ole' days. Theres been a flurry of photos from the 70's popping up on Facebook, reminding me of the days when my overhead didn't exceed my income, I didn't look like my Mother, and everything seemed so much simpler. I used to roll my eyes at my Mom saying to me 'when you have your health you have everything'.
Now I get it. I get a lot of things I didn't get back then. I appreciate the older and wiser part of my life and try to keep my focus there. I've never been much into Classic Rock and Roll, but I have to admit, footage of Buddy Holly surrounding the 50th anniversary of his death last week, and the Doobie Brothers concerts at the Britt over the past few years that have rearranged my thinking in that department too.
My Mom has dementia, thankfully my Brother has been taking care of her over the past few years, allowing her to remain at home. Recently I found, and was moved to read a 2 page letter she wrote me in college, when her brain was firing on all cylinders (and mine wasn't). These days, like our former President, she can barely string a sentence together.
That letter made me nostalgic and even more appreciative of that cliche that would make me turn away and roll my eyes.

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