Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keeping it Simple

E is for EGG
One of the staples of my diet, I decided on the egg as my subject matter for today. That part was simple, yes indeed. Chose a location, ....every surface in my house is a stage of garage sale items and found objects arranged in an every changing rotation of hodge podge interior desecration. Martha with a disorder that has yet to be identified, but involves kitschy steroids.

In the past six months it seems like these little plastic toy soldiers have been turning up everywhere, maybe they have always been part of the landscape unnoticed, but not until last summer on a camping trip to the Chetco, did I begin to start picking them up and utilizing them randomly and erratically.

I walked around the house picking up a few other items of eclectic and unrelated interest till I sensed I was going too far. I was relieved and gratified that I had not resold those cool Pottery Barn plates I picked up for a song at a garage sale this past summer for two bucks, each one of the four has a beautiful illustration from a vintage french poster.

The egg shells from breakfast still on the counter inspired me to head outside and grab the bird nest I considered using for B day and then set up the shot that made me think, ah now I'm really going tooo far.... especially when I saw all the little spiders frantically exiting it.
I try to remember to keep it simple, but instead I'm normally a runaway train and here's eggactly what I'm talking about.
Click here for the one I decided to submit for Charlie Bears Alphabet Photo Challenge, as well as the other submissions!
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Leah Fry said...

I don't get the one with the plate.

RoSe said...
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RoSe said...

I don't get why I can't entr contest if I don't hv pony.
we "b" even...

Leah Fry said...

Have you talked to Dave about this tack fetish of yours?