Monday, February 9, 2009

Bottoms UP

J is for JAVA
My daily coffee production was altered a few years ago by a visit from my friend Michael.
Landing from the Bay Area (where theres a Starbucks on every corner) to install some doors in my kitchen, he blew my doors off whipping up some milk to top a cup a java.
There was a period of time in the 80's when Sandra from Switzerland was here, ah... in San Francisco, she had this milk steamer device and introduced us to the frothy milk factor. However the unit to do the deed with was dangerous and unpredictable, especially if one left the room.
Michaels technique was simpler, involved a small pan and a wisk, and we can't drink our coffee any other way since. The mere fact that you heat the milk makes it sweeter, and wisking it by hand for a minute or two takes it to a whole nuther level.

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Leah Fry said...

I'm drinking my own coffee, into which I hastily dumped the last few dribbles of straight-from-the-fridge 2%. Doesn't quite measure up.