Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mama Mia...

M is for MADONNA
Mid afternoon at the hospital, someone mentioned it was a full moon these days, which I immediately thought....that explains everything.
It was busy beyond belief, scheduled surgeries and add-ons plus it was short staffed in the back forty. Usually the afternoon shift I work at 3Rivers is slow compared the morning one but that was not the case today.
Compounded by the fact that I had a full day before I even checked in at 11 am, up at the crack of dawn trying to make changes to the Media Kit and website I'm working on, and a morning appointment in town. These past few days I'm scrambling to keep all my plates spinning.
Todays photo challenge submission was a nite light I picked up at the Humane Society thriftshop last summer for a mere 2 dollars, it lights up too. One of these days it will make it on to ebay, but in the meantime it collects dust and provides a token measure of comfort just looking at its beautiful face and delicate hands. These days with a full moon rising maybe I should plug her in and let her light shine bright.

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